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Nov 2, 2011

Skating On Thin Ice

by Darren Sant

The puck skittered past Kelvin and he flew from his feet and went clattering into the sidings for about the tenth time that afternoon. The body check from the opposing defender had sent him sprawling. Marchant sneered at him and mouthed “wanker” to Kelvin as he climbed painfully back to his feet. Defenders like Marchant always left you black and blue after a game. Kelvin had scored no goals but had managed two assists so far during the game. The rivalry between the Kelvin’s team the Dynamos and Marchant’s the Eagles was strong and violence was both expected and inevitable.

Kelvin skated back into play for the second period and soon found he was once more in possession. He flipped the ball to Jones in an excellent breaking pass. Marchant slid alongside him and butt-ended him with his hockey stick. He managed to remain totally unseen by the referee and Kelvin crumpled to the ice like a rag doll that had been savaged by a Rottweiler. He lay on the ice coughing and spluttering. Marchant winked down at Kelvin who ground his teeth in suppressed rage.

The action was hotting up and the Dynamos were looking tasty as they gained the majority of the possession. Kelvin accelerated down the centre of the rink dodging players left and right. He approached the goal and was suddenly floored by an elbow. He landed with a bone crunching painful thud comically on his arse. Marchant who was clearly playing the role of enforcer skated away to try and avoid a penalty from the referee. Again he managed to get away Scott free.

In the final period Kelvin was involved in a scramble for the puck. In the melee Kelvin slashed a shot and the puck flew into the net. A sharp pain to his calf and he went down again with Marchant standing over him smiling a look of comical innocence on his face. Again his contact went unpunished. The final buzzer went and it was game over. Kelvin’s goal did little to soothe the pain of a humiliating defeat for the Dynamos. Marchant patted Kelvin on the back. “Try to stay on your feet next time Bambi.” he sneered. Kelvin gave Marchant a strange little smile and wandered off to the dressing room without uttering a word.

* * *

“We awake today to some shocking news of a huge pile up on the motorway. Dozens injured and the air ambulance has attended the scene. At least five are feared dead at this time. In other news Ice Hockey player Stephen Marchant has been found brutally murdered on waste ground near his home. A dog walker found his body in the early hours of this morning. Police have released a statement saying that the body has been formally identified and they confirm that they are treating it as murder. Marchant is believed to have multiple lacerations on his skull from some kind of sharp blade. Unconfirmed reports state that he had a hockey puck wedged inside his mouth. Police are appealing for anyone with information to come forward. They advise that it will be treated in the strictest confidence. Marchant’s team the Eagles beat local team last night in a humiliating defeat.”

Kelvin changed the station and went back to the sink where he continued scrubbing the blades of his skates. He whistled cheerfully as they came up shiny and good as new. He poured the crimson water down the plughole, dried his hands, and went off to cook breakfast.


  1. Nothing like an original weapon! And I think I know a few hockey players who might resort to this after a tough loss...

  2. Friend of mines got this bumper sticker that reads: Give Blood. Play Hockey. I'll think differently about it now. Nicely original, Daz. I like it!

  3. I really liked it for the first 3 paras, the action, the writing, the story telling. The 4th para got me frowning. The radio announcement added even more frowns to my brow and the ending, well, I thought it was cheap and easy. Maybe this one shouldn't have been a flash story. Maybe it should've gone on.