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Apr 23, 2010


by Jeffrey S. Callico

Martin walked out of the store and thought of going home but he
didn't. Martin didn't go home, he went somewhere else first.

When he got there people were talking. They weren't talking about him,
they didn't know him, none of them had ever seen him, they didn't know
who he was.

Martin ordered a drink. The drink tasted good so he finished it and
ordered another one. The second drink came and he drank it.

Someone tapped Martin on the shoulder. He turned around. It was a
woman but he didn't know her.

They left the place and went to Martin's house.

When they got there they had drinks but the conversation lagged so they had sex.

The sex was good so they had more sex. Martin and the woman had sex all night.

When the morning came the woman left. Martin thought that would happen
so he fell asleep until he woke up again.

Martin never saw the woman again but that didn't stop him from going
out for drinks and having sex so he went out again.

No one tapped him on the shoulder after his second drink. He got a
third and then a fourth. He drove himself home without incident then
fell asleep.

When he woke up again he went to the store but then as he was leaving
decided he wouldn't go home quite yet.

He went somewhere else.

1 comment:

  1. somewhere else indeed. There's actually a bar in my town called somewheres else. :) Like it.